Parks & Recreation

The Village of Mackinaw Parks and Recreation Department provides park facilities and programs to accommodate the needs and interests of residents and visitors.  Whether you are into sports, nature or just want to take your children to the playground, the Village of Mackinaw is the place for you.

The Village of Mackinaw's park facilities are available to groups and citizens to reserve for family gatherings, group parties, picnics, meetings, or other events.

Park reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. For additional information or to see if a specific date is available, contact the Village of Mackinaw (309) 359-5821.

Come out and enjoy our beautiful parks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the park pavilions be reserved?

Yes!  You are welcome to reserve the pavilions in any of our parks.  Simply call Village Hall and let us know or to check to see if it's available.  Please note that while you can reserve a pavilion for your special occasion, the pavilions are in a public park, and anyone is welcome to be in the park during park hours.  If you are reserving Veterans Park, there is an option to pay a refundable deposit of $20.00 and obtain a key for the restrooms and the Community Room in Village Hall.