Emergency Management of Mackinaw Notice - March 16, 2020

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Hunter Safety Course - March 16, 2020

Notice in effort to keep everyone healthy during COVID-19 pandemic the Hunter Safety Course sched... [more...]

Village office closing - March 16, 2020

Notice in effort to keep the citizens of Mackinaw and the Village employees healthy during COVID-... [more...]


Business Call Out

As part of the Mackinaw Police Department's BlueCard Program, all businesses are encouraged to register a Business Call Out Form with the Police Department. These forms allow you to provide vital information to the Police Department, Tazewell County Sheriff's Office, and 9-1-1 Dispatch in case of an incident at your business. On the form you will be able to list a "call out" list for key holder individuals to respond in case of an alarm or other incident while the business is closed. You may also list your business' security camera system and register with the Police Department as part of our BlueCard Program to combat crime. For questions or to return a completed Call Out Form, please contact the Police Department.

Business Call Out

Business Call Out